VeloSoleX for everyone


A couple of days ago Jun Itabashi commented this on an images on Facebook:


I envy that guy. Ever saw a VeloSolex with side wheels like a bicycle riding learning? I’m an above knee amputee and that would able me to ride a a VeloSolex like I used to more than 40 years ago. Although I have a Gold Wing trike to own and ride a VeloSolex would be total freedom.

VeloSoleX for everyone!

I remember seeing the images from the yearly Velo Solex Rally 2012 on the Danish island Bornholm. One specific VeloSolex stood out. It was this cross between a three wheel bike and a VeloSolex, where they cleverly remounted the chain and pedals so the driver instead of using his legs, is able to cycle start the VeloSolex using his arms.. Absolutely amazing custom VeloSolex!

Does anyone know who owe this one? If so, please comment the owners name below or send it to: [email protected] I would really like to get more details on this wonder machine!

Image credit:Steen Andersen from his album Velo Solex Relly 2012Velo Solex Relly 2014

VeloSoleX for everyone!

Solex rally 2012_0029

Solex rally 2012_0028




    • Looks useful but I had a different image. The one in the photo is not what I wanted. Side wheel similar to a those when kids start to learn how to use a bicycle , of course size of those side wheels would be much bigger than a kid’s bicycle. I wonder if the one in that photo is too heavy as well. Is it yours?

    • great is it anyway: if once I need a Threewheeler, because I’m old and cannot walk well anymore, I’d like to have one like this <3

    • I thing they are called training wheels. A bit like the set in the photo I found in the net. I’m an above knee amputee and can use the pedals within reason, the training wheels would act as stabilizers and give me the same feeling of freedom a VeloSolex does. Stupid question: how can a person gain speed in that threewheeler shown in the photo? Still is an impressive bike though. :D

    • Das erinnert mich an meine zerlegte Solex JG 62, die ich endlich einmal restaurieren sollte…

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