VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras area

VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras area-3

Any VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras area of France who is looking for a helpful group of VeloSolex’ers to meet up with? A new VeloSolex club with so far 30 enthusiasts recently started and they are open doors for everyone interested.

Their goal is to get all the old VeloSolex’es from peoples garages out running again. They will be doing a monthly trip on fridays around the area, but Daniel Warisse who is the organiser of the association also hope to get a regular garage night running, where people can meet up and help each other renovate or fix there wonder machines.

There is also rumours about a possible South Basin Rally, I hope the club will go through with this and hope to be able to tell more about this on a later stage.

The picture above is taken from the clubs first trip on that ran between the Hume Larros station and the port. At the end of the trip Jacqueline Thiébault joind to greet the group and their initiative. She has a special relationship to Solex as her granddad was Marcel Mennesson on of the two inventors who filled in the patent in 1908.

I’m extremely happy to see other new clubs like these appearing and hope that people in the area will be supporting the initiative. If there is anything I can help with from and online perspective for now, I will be happy to do so!

Find out more about the club on their website:

P1010378VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras area-2VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras area-1VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras area-3VeloSolex enthusiasts in the Gujan-Mestras areaImage credits: A friendly soul at the trip. (Let me know if it was you, and ill be happy to credit you by name)

See also the video from the run (Looks ace! Well done Daniel):

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