Welcome to VeloSolex.co Community

Hello everyone, welcome to the VeloSolex.co Community.

I’m no VeloSolex expert, far from, but I know how to build a website and acording to my wife I have a odd fascination for my VeloSolex, I guess that is why I started the VeloSolex.co Community. Through VeloSolex.co I hope I will be able to learn from people who have had history with these machines since before I was born, together with other rookies like my self. I hope people will want to meet likeminded people from around the world and enjoy our individual projects as we build and renovate. And when the weather is great, we might even be able to meet up and ride them together.



The VeloSolex.co Community Setup

The setup is fairly simple, when you join, you will get a VeloSolex Profile, looking and working very similar to your Facebook profile. When you share an update it goes out the the whole community and people can like it and comment on it through the Community Activity Stream. But through the Community Activity Stream you will also be able to follow all forum activity making it easy to follow timeline of everything being discussed and taught.

If people are interested there will be plenty of possibility to add sections like an Event Calender where we can structure all VeloSolex events, large or small from around the world, an Learning Center where we can structure learning materials regarding the VeloSolex, an Marketplace where we can sell and buy parts, accessories, or whole VeloSolex’s.. The possibilities are many, but only if people want it, so lets start out simple.

I’m looking forward to meet you, join us its free.

- Rasmus

Welcome to VeloSolex.co Community

The above picture is me sitting on my VeloSolex 3800 for the first time. It happened to be the same day as I got married to my wife, as I got it as a wedding present. What a day!